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In business since 1991, we have over 20 years of experience.

Over 20 Years

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Shop today's best baby brands at less than designer prices.

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Here are some easy tips that will help Puddle Jumpers earn you the money you deserve!

  • Toys should be in working order, no more than 4 years old, with no broken or missing pieces and decals

  • We require all electronic toys to have working batteries installed so that customers can test the toy prior to purchase

  • Call ahead to schedule your drop-offs so we can reserve time to process your order

  • Label all of your sealed totes or boxes with your consignor number, name, and phone number

  • We ask that you bring in up to 2 small sealed totes (20 Gal size or smaller) or boxes per visit. This helps us accommodate as many consignors as possible and allows us adequate time to go through your items to get them on the sales floor as quickly as possible. We're happy to schedule as many drop-off appointments as you need during each season!

  • Clothes that are neatly folded, recently washed, and smell fresh sell faster!

  • Clothing should be no more than 4 years old and free from: stains, tears, missing buttons, wear, and garage sale stickers

  • Bring items that Puddle Jumpers is currently accepting

  • Spring & Summer items are accepted from January through mid-May

  • Fall & Winter items are accepted from June through November

  • Seasonal items should be brought in at least one month prior to the season

  • Sort your clothing items according to “sets”. If your child has a 2 or 3-piece clothing set, please fold all pieces together

  • We do not accept these brands: McKids, Garanimals, Kid Connection/Baby Connection, Hanes, My Pal, Simply Basic, Basic Editions, Healthtex